Timers & Clocks

A small collection of drag-and-drop timer and clock prefabs that make displaying time and configuring logic that can trigger a time’s up event quick and easy.

Asset Store Discussion Forum Timer Prefab: • 3 modes: Count-down, Count-up, and Count-up infinite • Adjustable speed • Display current system time • Inspector UnityEvent for time’s up • Inspector List of UnityEvents triggered at assigned times • Time string toggles for milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, and days • Output time string to Unity Text or TextMeshProUGUI components • Double value type supports up to 922337193600 seconds (10,675,199 days) • Add multiple timers to your scene for different purposes • Optional 'SaveSessionTimer' script. Add this script to a timer object and assign a unique PlayerPrefs string name. If the timer was counting down/up and the app is closed or the scene is changed, when the scene is reopened by the app again, it will continue from its last value (where it left off, instead of starting over). 3D/UI Analog Clock Prefabs: • 3D/UI clock with second, minute, and hour hand objects • Use your own meshes/sprites • Display the system time or a timer components time • System time hour offset - allows simulation of timezones for different clocks 3D/UI Analog Stopwatch Prefabs: • 3D/UI clock with second and minute hand objects attached to seperate faces • Use your own meshes/sprites • Display a timer components time

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